Who Can Vote?

Any child in New Mexico (K-12) who has read at least three books from one of the lists is eligible to vote. Teachers, Librarians and Home School Groups can download and distribute ballots, then collect and tally and return to the state via the online submission forms.

How Do I Vote?

Voting for the Land of Enchantment Book Award is easy! Get children and young adults excited about the award. This is their chance to help pick a book that will be honored by New Mexico. Encourage participants to read as many books as possible from the appropriate list.

Print out a ballot, or create your own, and make them available to participants that have read three or more books from the appropriate list. In April, have readers select the book they want to win the Land of Enchantment Book Award.

Write the total number of votes each title receives on the tally forms for each category and submit.

2016-2017 Ballots

Cast your votes now!  Voting ends on April 30th 2017 Use these bookmarks/ballots with your students to collect individual votes

Roadrunner Ballot

Coyote Ballot

Lizard Ballot

Black Bear Ballot

2016-2017 Electronic Voting

Submit your students’ votes now! Voting ends on April 30th 2017 (all links now live!) You can submit your tally sheets electronically by clicking on the links below.  YouHave your total votes and contact information ready before starting the survey.

Roadrunners (K-3)

Coyotes (3-5)

Lizards (6-8)

Black Bears (9-12)